Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sartharion Down

We had our third full clear of Naxx this weekend, and after killing Kel'Thuzad everyone still had enough energy to go visit Obsidian Sanctum for the first time as a group. We had nine in the raid at that point, and as it was the first time on Sartharion for several people, we opted to kill all of the drakes before engaging Sarth. Killed him on the first pull even with one of our two healers disconnecting halfway through the fight. Next week we'll try it with Shadron up, and hopefully get some attempts in on Malygos too. I know we're geared enough to start Ulduar 10 now, but I think the practice from EoE and OS hard modes will be a good way to improve coordination and boost confidence.

We've got old friends running with us from Entropy Dawn, so we've got 8 now, which is enough for all the T7 instances (in fact we cleared half of Naxx with only 8 this week), but we're going to need to pick up 2 more for OS hard modes and Ulduar. Hopefully we can pick up some regulars, but at least if we have to pug it will only be for DPS.