Friday, February 6, 2009

Cat Swipe & Idol of the Wastes

Yesterday, I got into a discussion with a couple of the other ferals in my guild about the Idol of the Wastes trinket & Cat Swipe. The trinket states "Your Shred and Swipe abilities have a chance to grant 61 strength for 10 sec." But does it work?

I tested it for 20 minutes. I closely monitored my combat log, which I recorded, and my buffs for the "Snap and Snarl" effect.

- Bear Swipe gave me an almost 100% up-time for an effect called "Snap and Snarl." It would go off with my first swipe even on a single target. When the effect ran out, a new Bear Swipe would immediately refresh the effect.

- Prowling up to a mob, pouncing & shredding also resulted in "Snap and Snarl." I only did this a few times, but the results were consistent.

- Cat Swipe resulted in no "Snap and Snarl" buffs. I pulled several mobs using nothing but Cat Swipe & auto attack. My trinket "Crusader's Glory" effect went off several times, but at no point did the Idol work.

Obviously, this was not a scientific test, but the results are fairly conclusive. I'm curious what Blizzard thinks. The issue now is that this trinket does not make a good solo-cat item unless you've taken ranks in both Shredding Attacks & Brutal Impact. It does still make a good group DPS trinket. Still, I would like it to work with both types of Swipe attacks. I wouldn't even mind them removing the proc from Shred to make this happen.


Karthis said...

That's a bug - I'd report it through the proper channels. They've stated that they want Cat Swipe to be affected by the same stuff as bear swipe.

LRNs said...

I reported it. The thread is here if you want to follow it.