Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Will Patch 3.1 Totally Rock Out Mirror of Truth?

I've been actively scanning the Druid blogs - made easier by the Daily Druid - for a comment about this, but haven't seen one. So, I'm posting about it myself in hopes that one of the titans will see it and pontificate more.

So, I finally grabbing a Mirror of Truth. It's an awesome trinket, but will patch 3.1 make it even better?

When 3.1 hits, Druids are going to get Savage Defense. Suddenly, Critical Strikes & Attack Power are going to be just as useful to Bears as Cats. Mirror's huge crit boost alone makes it an attractive trinket for ferals. If the chance boost to AP works in conjunction with SD's damage shield it's even better. I'm wondering if anyone has tested this. Will it work? How often will it proc? Is this boost enough to replace a straight mitigating trinket?

The real winners in this patch could be feral off-tanks. An off-tank is even more likely to want 1 set of gear for as many encounters as possible. This trinket could become a must-have.

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Nord said...

That trinket is pretty much a must have if you're any sort of melee DPS class. A +1000 AP proc is huge for any melee DPS and 84 crit rating is larger than just about any other item I've seen. MaxDPS consistently rates it as one of the top trinket for DKs, fury/arms warriors, and ret pallies.

Stofnar is about one heroic run away from his. Avouz and Nord have a bit further to go.