Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I think I'm eating my words...

Over the last few posts, I've been grumbling about WoW and its failed direction and my lack of interest in ever going back as a result.

Then, due to Blizzcon, all the preview and teaser material for the Cataclysm has been released.

I may have changed my mind. This isn't an expansion. It's World of Warcraft II for all intents and purposes. The game looks like a total reset, with the world literally being transformed from what it was. I have no idea how they're pulling that off. Are all the 1-60 quests and zones going to be completely revamped or is this going to be the ultimate use of the new phasing tech where the world will change after some level 80 quest line?

Flying mounts in the old world. Cool.
Goblins as a playable race. cool.
Heroic versions of old world dungeons. cool.
Human hunters. Cool.
Deathwing as the main villain. VERY cool.

Of course, this won't be released for another eighteen months probably, so there's still plenty of time for LOTRO goodness in the meantime.

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