Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Back

Account is back up and running. I think I've gotten all my gear. I'm still missing my gold, all 5k worth of it, but Typhia is covering me until it is. I've taken this time to follow Blizzard's request that I clear my UI settings & mods. I'm doing it not because I think account settings & addons caused my issues. Instead, when faced with the opportunity for a clean slate and a chance to wipe bad settings, I might as well take it. Unfortunately, I'm a pack-rat. So, the mountains of items that I now have to sort through is insane.

There's only one real problem now.

My inlaws are in-route for Thanksgiving visit, eta 2 hours. I really love my inlaws, but I really want to organize my stuff and get back to leveling. Sigh!

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