Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well, I'm still locked out. I've received an email stating that most of my items have been restored with a long list of said items. I've received an email with a temporary password. The password page tells me that my account is still locked out but the time stamp is for several hours ago.

I've watched all of my Netflix films, my team has played football (although I wouldn't call that "playing") and even done some Christmas shopping. I've got nothing else. The book I've been reading isn't very good. I've caught up on my Heroes viewing.

The time away from the game itself isn't so bad except that it's the 2nd weekend since the expansion and the last weekend before things get nuts for the holidays. Rhus is sitting 1/2-way to 74 & Beroth is 1/2-way to 72.

Then, there's the wife. She's been cleaning all day and is looking forward to a nice evening leveling her druid or mage. So basically, I need to find something to do away from the computers or spend my time watching her play without me.

The good news is that the security software on her system was not compromised and she didn't get hacked too. It's small comfort, but I'll take it.

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Nord said...

Um, Thanksgiving week away with in-laws and grandparents. No WoW at all for me until Saturday the 29th when I get back home.

Having serious withdrawal issues myself. First time ever I'm unhappy to go on vacation.