Friday, November 21, 2008

Professional Frustration

Now that I've been working heavily on leveling up a death knight, I've also been trying to figure out what professions to give to him. With my large stable of alts, he's going to overlap with someone else no matter what, so I figured I'd go with something that Avouz could benefit from himself: Enchanting.

Enchanting is easy, if a bit tedious, to level. You buy up a slew of mats and just hit your bracers, gloves, and whatever else over and over again to level your skill. The problem is you eventually run out of mats, namely around 250 skill or so.

This is because no one runs the old Classic endgame dungeons anymore. They skip to Outland immediately at level 58, which means stocks of enchanting mats like Eternal essences and illusion dust are pretty scarce. When they do show up in the AH, the prices are outrageously high.

So, my only recourse to grind Avouz those last 25 points or so is to send Stofnar into Scholo and Strath and have him farm those places for green drops. At level 73, he should have no trouble, but it's annoying. Only enchanting really has this problem. Low 50 folks can mine thorium and skin rugged leather and all those sorts of mats, but GEEs and illusion dust only come from those occasional lvl 55+ green drops that aren't from Outland.



Cainam said...

Enchating has always had a more difficult row to hoe than the average profession. Back in the day you could only train it in Uldaman.

Greens should not be that big an issue for you to pick up. While it's true you can't farm the AH for them, you can farm Strath and Scholo and probably even Dire Maul. Spec Stofnar Prot for a short while and I'll bet you could AoE farm Scholo like no one's business and this will make you gold as opposed to costing it.

But here's a better idea. Ask some one like Sofea, who wants AD rep to join you. Two 70+ toons can clear that place out in no time.

Typhia said...

Yes, and send the runecloth you get from there to a tailor. Turn it into lvl 50ish greens and DE those. You'll probably get more mats from DEing tailored items from cloth drops than you will from the few random greens that drop.

Nord said...

Well, my initial foray into Scholo was a complete bust. It got me one whopping disenchantable green out of the whole run (Several BOE blues and an enchanting recipe were the rest of my haul.)

I'm hoping I have better luck in the future.

Mardigilian said...

Jeff's got the right idea. I had relatively little trouble grinding those levels with Pomona, because I could make things that DE'd nicely. There are also a handful of recipes that stay yellow a good long time: Shield: Greater Stam (yellow to 285, 10 dream dust), Fiery (yellow to 285, 4 small radiants--ask around we've got plenty--and essence of fire--dirt cheap on the AH atm)

Nord said...

Well, a fool and his Greater Eternal Essences are soon parted. Found a guy selling 30 GEEs for 150g on the AH (I've seen them go for upward of 50g APIECE at times.) Between Stofnar's Strath and Scholo runs and that, I'm now over the top. Took Avouz to 315 this afternoon.

Thanks for the input. The crafting idea from Typhia was really helpful.