Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Secure Than My Bank Account

Two Blizzard Authenticators arrived in my mailbox today. I got the PTouch out and labeled them so we could tell them apart. Then, I set them up on our systems in seconds. The process was easy. The extra step of getting the random secure number and entering it is fairly painless. The price included shipping and was reasonable @ $6.50 each. Of course, now I'm more nervous about misplacing them than getting my account hacked. For now, we're keeping them at the bases of our respective monitors. I was thinking about getting some retractable keychains like people get for keycards at work. Heck, we probably have some lying around.

1 comment:

Karthis said...

I picked up one too based on your ordeal. Go figure.

What really got me was the insane amount of packaging for the tiny, tiny key chain.