Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tough Choices

So far the hardest decision to make regarding switching mains from warlock to death knight has been what race to pick. In fact with less than 24 hours to go I still haven't settled on anything. My first instinct was to go with Draenei since I think they are visually the most polished race Blizzard has put out so far. Normally that would be sufficient for me since the racial abilities really only make a difference at the cutting edge of PvE/PvP play. But now, 2 days before Wrath releases, the leadership of my raiding guild has decided we should be a top 100 guild. Our server first Kil'Jaeden kill (it makes me cry that it had to come after the Great Nerf of '08) got us a U.S. ranking of 172, and a world rank of 403. So we will definitely need to step things up if we want to get into the top 100 U.S. This makes me think my racial bonuses could be a little more important than just icing on the cake. So, the big question is now, what is my raiding role with a death knight? I'd like to be one of the guild's MTs (and the night elf racial is going to be huge for tanking), but there are 4 others in the guild that are interested in MT roles (one of each tanking class) and all of them have experience from the entirety of BC as MTs (though the other death knight's experience is as a feral druid tank). Realistically this means I will probably be at best an OT for trash, and will mainly be doing melee dps. I'm fine with that, but the night elf racials don't really do anything to help with dps, whereas humans and draenei have good dps racials. But then what happens if we lose a tank and they decide to recruit outside the guild since I didn't roll a night elf and will be at a disadvantage tanking? Sigh.

First instincts are probably the best to go with, and Draenei chicks are really hot.

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Nord said...

I suppose there are sort of two schools of thought in regards to character appearance in this (or any game)

Do I go for the hot or cute female character? Obviously this is the choice I made with some of my toons: My night elf hunter and my gnomes (who are not hot, but are cute).

The alternative is the "bad ass" male. IMHO, the death knight just screams for this look. I'm not sure an undead chick with glowing blue eyes is ever going to be "hot" or "cute." But "scary guy I don't want to meet in a dark alley," that works.