Friday, January 30, 2009

Guess Who's Back And Not Happy...

I got home again a few days ago from being out of town for over a week. (After being out of town for 2 weeks for Christmas holidays.) It's nice because I've needed a break from WoW. Except now I'm pissed off at myself & Blizzard.

Those M#%^$##$ckers!!!

I failed to plan ahead with my need for 1 more skill point (339 LWing) before getting to 440 & starting to make decent epic gear. The patch 3.0.8 changed the most cost effective patterns to include Frozen Orbs. So, not only do they require Arctic Fur (Which they secretly lowered the drop rate on) but now I need Frozen Orbs to make them. It's not even been a 50% success rate for me. I spent countless hours farming for Arctic Fur before I gave up and spent over 600 gold getting from 435 to 439.


OK, I'm better now.

I don't mind this being hard. I mind that the drop rate on the item that's in EVERY pattern we use has been reduced to the point where farming is nightmarish & AH prices are outrageous.


OK, seriously, I'm OK now.

Fucking Blizzard Developers.

Note: As I was completing this post I went ahead and bought - Sigh - more mats in the AH and got to 440. Now I have to farm/buy the mats to get my patterns, but at least I'm there.

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