Friday, January 2, 2009

There has got to be a better solution than this...

GARONA is full.
Position in queue: 338
Estimated wait time: Sometime next year.

Blizz really needs to get their crap together in regards to fixing the raid lag problem. Reducing the max population down so that there's queues every night is NOT the answer.


Mardigilian said...

Especially since Typhia says he hasn't noticed an improvement in raid lag.

Karthis said...

The raid lag has nothing to do with server capacity/population. Raids are hosted on separate instance servers (clusters), and not on the same server (cluster) that hosts Azeroth/Outlands.

Aside from the terminology they use, this is easily observed when one of the servers gets full or crashes.

For example, when achievements first came out you would occasionally see a message saying that the instance server was above capacity as everyone was trying to get all the dungeon achievements.

Likewise, I'm sure you've been in an instance when the world server has gone down - everyone in the instance can keep playing, but if they die they can't get back in because the corpse run involves going to the outside world (which has crashed). The opposite also happens - people get "stuck" in instances when that server dies, but everyone in Azeroth can go on playing.