Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Patch day

3.0.8 went live today.

I know a lot of folks looking forward to the changes (and even some of the nerfs).

Log on and get it.

EDIT: It's patch day alright. Servers came back up on schedule but Wintergrasp is causing Northrend server crashes like crazy. (Seeing as that's where I am with Avouz at the moment, I know this is the cause.)

First battle, Horde won and immediately after the server crashed. Came back on and the battle had reset. This time, Alliance won and once again, the server crashed on victory. Sure enough, came back up with the battle reset again.

Fun, although nice way to get honor via exploit.

EDIT: Oh, this is rich. I ported out of Wintergrasp after two battles, but while I'm smelting ore in Dalaran, I'm still getting honor from tower destruction and such. LOL.


Cainam said...

I heard this was coming and am happy to see it.

1.) Mage specs get some serious love. Frost, Deep fire and Deep Arcane are all getting a nice boost. Many say that Arcane could be the next top DPS spec.

2.) Supposedly there will be a fix to instance servers released with this patch. Lag has been so terrible in instances lately that I've even seen an article on how to tank in 5 second lag. This will be a most welcome change.

Mardigilian said...
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Mardigilian said...

Gee Blizz, maybe you could let us read the patch notes while the patch is downloading instead of after?


Could you link me that article? I might be able to adapt parts of it to tanking with high latency.

Cainam said...


Here is the link. I'm not sure how useful it will be as it sort of assumes that the DPS is having the ssame problems you are but hope it helps.


As for my own points.

1.) For my raid I tried out Deep Frost with TotW. While still not at the levels of my FrostFire Bolt bretheran, I did move up a little on the damage meters. Considering how terrible my gear is, I'll take it as a Win. (It would have been more of a win if the guys could have let me use winter's chill, but instead they continued to maintain the scorch debuff.)

After the raid I went and respeced to Arcane. I tested it on a few mobs and well.. I'm impressed. In soloing I kill things faster than almost any other spec I've tried. The new "Blaster Combo" as it's being called is brutal when unloading on a boss (Target Dummy) It is a Mana hog, but we'll see how bad it is with Raid Mana regen. I have high hopes for this spec.

2.) While Northrend was crashing Naxx was not too bad. Certainly not the lag spikes we've seen in the past. It would be nice if this really is fixed.