Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh Joy. I've been.. "fixed"

Maybe this is a fix in the same way you fix a dog, I'm not sure how the dog feels about it though.

So... Arcane has been hotfixed. And of course with any hotfix like this, come the inevitable, what did the fix break?

The Fix: Well the primary change is that it's no longer possible to cast ABarr at the end of an Arcane Missiles and have ABar gain the AB Buff. Now to be fair this is a fix. You were effectively getting 2 charges out of Arcane Blast when 1 was clearly all that was intended.

The upshot of this is that it's a dps loss for Arcane. Not a huge loss, but a loss none the less. It also measn that the rotation is not as clear as it one was and theorycrafters will needto figure it out.

Another Fix(?): Well it looks like the bordering on broken glyph is getting nerfed. While the Arcane Blast Glyph still says it's 5%, the peopel testing it are showing a 3% increase. Sigh, I knew it was too good to last.

A Clear Bug: Arcane Missles is not gaining any benefit from the Arcane Blast Glyph. It is only seeing the 15/30/45 buff, not the 18/36/54 that ABar and AB see.

My real problem here is with Blizzard. First off, why wasn't this fixed sooner? I've seen people talking about this bug for quite soem time on the PTR. Isn't that the purpose of the PTR? To fix things there? Why do they let it go live, let us react to the change, and then les then a week later change it all up again? So one week of being live is Greater than the month of being on the PTR? Then why even use the PTR? It's not like they are managing to together a patch that doesn't crash everytime wintergrasp is taken.

Second, why are we receiving zero communication about this? Not a single blue post about the changes. Nothing about what is intended or what is a bug. There was no communication before hand to tell us that that a fix was coming and now nothing to tell us that it's here. This is lousy communication. And it also makes me worry about Deep Frost which could lose it's extra FoF charge if a similar "fix" is put in for it. (And it's the same bug, why shouldn't it get the same fix?)

Bottom line is that I am not a happy mage here. I was just starting to settle into a new spec. I had spent quite a bit of gold respecing and reglyphing, and now I feel like I'm back to the drawing board again.

So to Blizzard, I have one request. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!!!


Nord said...

Every class has been whacked with the nerf bat at some point, some to the point of irrelevancy.

Not that this is much consolation, but most of us have been there at some time. Sometimes, I think Blizz "fixes" things only to break something else.

Cainam said...

Honestly, it's less about the nerf, and more about learning o make somethign work only to have it changed almost immediately. So in one month of testing they can't get a clue, but in a few days live it's such a huge issue it needs to be hotfixed. Please.

Mardigilian said...

Couple other things I've noticed--potions of water-walking are no longer dispelled by mounting up. I think that was supposed to already be in effect, but I tried it a few weeks ago and got wet. Also, as if warriors really needed some more lovin', right clicking a 2H weapon will now equip it to an empty off-hand instead of swapping with your main.