Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm trying to show off here...

And sometimes they just don't make it easy.

Of course, part of it is my own fault. I didn't hit the screen capture button as it happened. And now, with the servers down installing the arena fix, I can't log on to take a new screen shot boasting of my accomplishment.

So you guys get a screen shot of the Armory.

My second 80. Woohoo!!

Nord is next to level.

Then after that, I suspect I'll be focusing on my shaman. As much as I joined in with the rest of you all making fun of the "sex-changes" a few posts back, odds are good Mhera will not remain female for much longer. I want Farimaer (my Horde troll on Malfurion) back and if I can't change his race, faction, and server then Mhera will just have to take his place.


Cainam said...

Grats on 80 x 2. Girarde still has 1.5 levels to go. Interesting that you're going for a 3rd melee DPS class. Persoanlly I am nearly obsessive about variety in my Alts. But It's hard to argue with success, and you play it well.

I also like that you are so loyal to your old tabel top character names. Hmmm..waht do you think about Cainam the Death Knight?

Nord said...

Got to have a source of inspiration somewhere, I suppose.

Korath - the barbarian = Korathnord - the warrior.

Avouz - the dual-wielding ranger = Avouz - the dual-wielding death knight.

Jhera - the halfling shadow sorcerer = Khera - the gnome warlock (This one is a bit of a break, since "Jhera" got used initially as the name for my mage. She should have been a warlock to really make it fit right.)

Ellote - the archer bard = Ellote - the hunter

Stofnar - the dwarf barbarian = Stofnar - the dwarf paladin (another slight break here.)

Paellar - the evil sorcerer = Paellar - the shadow priest

Farimaer - the troll cavalryman = Farimaer - the troll (or draenai) shaman (another break.)

Only issue with you going with Cainam as a death knight is that's not very close to his original incarnation as a wild mage. If I'm going to name a toon after one of my old table-top characters, I tend to want that toon to be as identical as possible. Obviously, I don't always get that, but I'm usually pretty close.

Mardigilian said...

That's the main reason why there isn't a Sureal. There just ain't no lizard men.