Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Being an old school geek, I've been playing fantasy games both on the computer and on the tabletop for well over two-thirds of my 36 years. So I get a kick out of folks in WoW who name their toons for obscure things in old fantasy games or novels or whatever.

So here's a bit of trivia for you old schoolers like me. Here's a screenshot of a toon on Garona that Nord stumbled onto last night in Dalaran.

1) Do you know what his name references?

2) If you do, do you remember what you had to do to create this effect?

EDIT: You folks disappoint me. :-(

I spoke to my friend John on the phone the other day and he knew the answers immediately.

1) The Wizardry series. Tiltowait was the uber damage spell from that game.

2) Each spell in Wizardry had a four letter code that you had to type in to cast it. Tiltowait's code was NUKE

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